Stand for the Silent


Many children today face a harsh world, being flooded with constant images to be perfect plunging self-esteem. Bullying is often a by-product of this belief. In keeping with our message of seeing the beauty of imperfection, we partner with anti-bully charity Stand for the Silent donating, a portion of sales to this wonderful cause. The Founder, Kirk pictured above and his wife Laura lost their only son who was the victim of bullying when he took his own life. We encourage you to watch this passioante 2 minute video to learn more.

The money helps to Save Lives.

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For Schools 

By hosting a presentation, our children receive education about the effects of witnessing bullying, being a bystander, and participating in bullying. SFTS has helped hundreds of children by preventing suicide and reforming bullies.

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For You

If you are or know someone who is the victim of bullying, please tell a trusted member of your circle to help bring an end to your suffering. For bullying resources, please click the link below for immediate access. 

Bullying Prevention Strategies


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