Originally from London, England, I immigrated to the heartland in the summer of 2000 on a soccer scholarship attending Park University in quaint Parkville. Graduating with a degree in psychology I ensconced in the field of social work, for 10 years working for Child Protective Services; lastly at Court Services, before leaving to become an entrepreneur.

I became a handbag and shoe designer after becoming disillusioned with distributing generic products. I knew I had to create beautiful handbags that reflect and embrace our unique sense of style and beauty. 

I love working with leather. The smell is intoxicatingly pleasant, like stepping into a new car every day. It feels soft and supple, and its look embodies character like a favorite worn coat or broken in shoes.

Helping women become first-time handbag owners because they get to carry an extension of their personality is the cherry on top.


Creating unique leather handbags is a dream, by using the flaws in the leather to highlight the beauty in imperfection, showing the beauty in us. Each design highlights individualism, expressing our unique awesomeness. Using different combinations shows that differences brought together are a beautiful thing. The best part about our creative process is our handbags are eco-friendly. Designer Pamela Williams uses leather that would otherwise be thrown away.

At FreedomStyles we offer two effortless ways to express your individual self, by shopping our ready-made designs or creating one of your own through the Custom Handbag experience. 


We all have unique qualities which we believe at FreedomStyles should be celebrated. We want you to express the real you, with fashion and accessories which truly embody your own unique personality and sense of style. Why follow, when you can set your own trend?


VISION STATEMENT: For women to express their individualism.

MISSION STATEMENT: For women to use individualism for the greater good.