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Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather

We locally source the leather we choose from trusted vendors who have been in the leather business for decades. They, in turn, source the leather from all over the United States and the world. By the time our leather arrives in-house, it has graced the shores of New York and as far and wide as Italy.

Choose between soft caramel calfskin for the sensitive simple you, or smooth, embossed reptile representing a typical pair, a shielded exterior, and sensitive nature. Design a one-of-a-kind handbag using risk-taking exotic ostrich, to adventurous snakeskin packing a bit of bite. Purchase one of our favorites, seasoned distressed oil tan highlighting wisdom, or stoic blue and lively red, we have you covered.

Our Handbag Story

We combine leather because we believe differences brought together are a great thing. Everyone has a story, every process has a story. Stories make us human and provide understanding. As challenges arise during each stage, it creates a story. A non-attaching bond forms by design completion. Our Maker, Pamela Williams, names each bag based upon the unfolding story and gives a name worthy of who she represents.

Each bag brings its challenges, like life brings each of us. Courageously, we overcome and move forward. Our newest addition, the Handheld, represents perseverance. A new design requested, a new challenge presented, a quick turnaround needed, triumphant through the trial the Handheld was born.

Our Classic Clutch represents birth and rebirth. Pamela Williams explains, "this design started our perfectly imperfect philosophy. During its challenging construction, the notion arose, I am not a manufactured machine, I am not perfect, and it's okay." She describes, "the Crossbody derived from wanting to differ from everyone else, and be comfortable with it. The resounding inspiration, I just want to be different from everyone else."

Meet Our Artist + Founder
Pamela Williams

I love creating a new story with each handbag design, ready for someone to treasure. There's no exhilarating feeling than hearing, "this bag is so me." Like my customers, I love the intoxicating smell of leather. The feel is soft and supple, the scent is intoxicatingly pleasant, and its appearance shows much character. I know you hear these words leather -lovers!

I love working with leather because it has a story to tell. Creating unique designs using its natural flaws and exaggerating them highlights the beauty in imperfection, showing the beauty in us. Individualism. Each handbag expresses our unique awesomeness. Each perfectly imperfect bag embraces eco-friendly, using leather that other designers would throw away.

Noveled Values

Naturally, people grow and evolve, and through this entrepreneurial journey, I understand that customer care is most important, with everything to follow. Because of that, Noveled Leather lives by 3 values central to the company core and my beliefs. To be the Helper, to be Creative, and to be Positive. Being this way, only helps to create freedom, which is the birthplace of creation.

What Can We Expect From Noveled Leather?

Noveled Leather is raw, bold, unique, beautiful, and organic.


The leather we use is natural and unfinished, which helps to create your story.


My designs have a distinctive style. They are wearable art. You feel you're carrying a new car with its intoxicating pleasant aroma. 


Even though I create my limited edition collections individually, I never replicate the designs given the imperfections of the leather. 


Art is about expression. With my blessing and curse of detail orientation, (it's perfect for noticing if my Little Man or husband's hands have been in the cookie jar), each handbag is beautiful inside and out.


Recycle is a theme with me. Even our mailer boxes are storage to organize your bags. I recycle the leather and use pieces other designers would otherwise throw away. Leather once lived. I feel connected to it. My designs allow me to continue to tell its story making sure it lives on through my creations by evolving their memories while blending with ours. 

Why Rebrand?

Freedom Shoe will always be part of this wonderful story, but Noveled Leather opens the new chapter with a perfect story loop. Customers just want to know more. They love our philosophy, flaws are meaningful, beautiful, and tell our stories. We have to write our Novels. As a designer, I evolved, which meant my designs did too. Growth is good. It became apparent I needed the assistance of a team to ascend to the next level. Individually, I’d traveled as far as I could go, so I welcomed the polishing growth and new chapter to my novel with open arms.

Do you have any other projects?

I've written a memoir "How Do You Find Love After Divorce? Available May 2020. Click to read Preface.


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