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Leather guide and handy helper for different leather types to assist you in making the best choice before purchasing. 

Leather Types & Grades 

Leather comes in all shapes, sizes and grades each with its own unique pattern, texture, and personality. If you're not sure what to look for, it can be overwhelming. We've created an essential guide to help you make the best decision to successfully celebrate your unique style.

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By-in-large cowhide, calfskin, goatskin, lambskin, deerskin, and bison, are the most commonly used leathers. Our handy-helper will walk you through the personality of each leather type we use, before touching on grades, what to expect, and how they'll make you like a million dollars.


The notion of cowhide typically is the first to come to mind. It is the most commonly used and one of the most durable, waterproof, strongest, and thickest, available. It has been the leather-lovers choice for decades. It boasts exceptional water and dirt resistance. With our bags, you'll spend less time treating and more time expressing. 


Calfskin combines the durability of cowhide with the soft lightweight feel of lambskin. It is simple, refined and beautiful, renowned for its supple smoothness.  Typically thicker and heavier than lambskin, calfskin is exceptionally functional while remaining fashionable. 


Like calfskin, goatskin is softer and lighter than cowhide. It can also have marvelous imperfections to work with. At times grainy, in general is smooth, supple, and feels like you're wrapped up in your favorite plush throw blanket. 


Many of the finest leather and high-end leather creations are crafted using Lambskin. That's because Lambskin is one of the thinnest leather's out there, but it is about the silkiest softest leather available. Lightweight and incredibly smooth, Lambskin is abundantly comfortable and makes a gorgeous figure-hugging crossbody.


Ostrich leather contains natural oils, meaning it resists cracking and stiffness. The leather itself originates from the nape of the bird neck meeting its body, called the crown. It is somewhat rare making it desirable and expensive. "Bumps" on genuine ostrich are unique and not uniform like that of manmade embossed ostrich. We carry both types to accommodate all budgets. Known as a beautiful exotic leather it is also tough, pliable, durable yet supple.  


Leather grades refers to the manner in which the hide has been cut, prepared, and finished. Artisans prepare the leather in a variety of different grades, depending on the final use for the product. 

Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is typically printed with an attractive grain pattern and stained, creating a natural finish. Genuine leather is thinner than both full and top-grain leather, even so, it's healthy, supple, and is not only a handbag favorite but is widely used in the industry to make other products.  

Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather hasn't been sanded or buffed, meaning it retains its natural imperfections, making it a favorite of ours! Over time, this type of leather will develop a beautiful soft sheen enhancing its personality and character. Bags made using this leather are also extremely strong and durable, typically crafted from the full thickness of the original hide.

Top-Grain Leather

Top-grain refers to the portion of the hide used in this beautiful leather, stained with a repellent finish. Unlike full-grain leather, top-grain leather is sanded to remove any imperfections, resulting in a more even look and feel. Thinner and more workable than full-grain leather artisans may choose to imprint the leather with a more consistent pebbled pattern. 


Suede is renowned for its signature supple surface. Mainly crafted from lambskin, it is also made from goats, pigs, calves, and deer. Artisans remove the underside (rawhide) of the animal and create this alluring leather. Suede has more of a lightweight drape than the aforementioned two types of leather. Its pores are prominent, making it absorbent, and the greatest water-repellent.


With its distinctive, velvety texture, Nubuck is crafted from top-grain leather that has been sanded or buffed. Its texture is similar to suede, but it boasts greater strength and durability. Due to its luxurious feel, we wouldn't recommend Nubuck in rainy weather.

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