Pamela Williams

How Do I Find Love After Heartbreak?

Relive the bonds of sisterhood with this raw, emotional, at times humorous memoir which will inspire and connect readers through their own story to Williams’ powerful story of betrayal, single-parenting and healing. Be prepared to be wowed with unique twists and turns straight out of a novel. You may even find your own path to healing by implementing Williams’ roadmap to living a life full of adventure, happiness and spiritual awakening.

- Learn to recognize negative self-talk
- Become open to a spiritual connection to experience peace
- Understand the role judgment plays in pain to remove pain
- Discover the key to healing so you can heal yourself
- Move on from your divorce and learn to find love again

This book is when Bridesmaids meets a Wondery podcast with a sprinkle of Kama Sutra. This memoir will inspire you to jump-start your life into action and achieve the dream to share life again and successfully blend your family. Join the hundreds of women who have experienced positive change turning their life around through Williams’ art. Preorder your copy of this book here on Amazon. Release date July 7th, 2020.