The Classic Clutch represents birth and rebirth. This design started our perfectly imperfect philosophy. During its challenging construction, the notion arose, "I'm not a manufactured machine, I can't cut perfectly, and it's okay." Williams describes, "the Crossbody derived from wanting to differ from everyone else, and be comfortable with it. I just want to be different from everyone else."

Meet Our Artist + Founder
Pamela Williams

To create a fresh story with each handbag design ready for someone to treasure fills my soul. A customer's enthralled whisper, "this bag is so me" with each design lights me up with a sense of virtue.

As challenges arise during each stage, it creates a story. A non-attaching bond forms by design completion. Each bag is an unfolding story birthed through challenges, like life brings us all.

Courageously, we overcome them. My newest Handheld design represents perseverance. I had to learn an alternative method with its construction, which spilled into each new bag design type. 

Leather is deep. It once lived and has a certain energy, so my designs provide a way for rebirth. 

I love working with Leather because it has a story to tell so I use its natural flaws or create my own to highlight imperfection as beautiful, showing the beauty in us. Individualism. Each handbag expresses our unique awesomeness. Each perfectly imperfect bag embraces eco-friendly, using leather that other designers would throw away. It doesn't hurt too that it smells pretty damn exceptional. It's always a new car in my studio.

I live by 3 values called my BBE values which influence every decision in my life and are the cornerstone of our company culture. To be the helper, the solution and not the problem. To be respectful and honest and to empower women.

One day, when my life-cycle sets on the horizon, I'd like to say our vision for a better world transpired through Noveled's work to bridge the greed-gap in our society.

As of May 6th, 2020, I became an author. Wow. Click to read my inspiring story. How Do I Find Love After Heartbreak? Release date July 7th, 2020.


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