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 "We shouldn't be judged on our outward appearances we should be judged on who we are inside."


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Pamela B Williams Bestselling Author, Artist and Wellness Advocate
What Masks Say About Humanity

by Pamela Williams July 31, 2020

I guess I’m just confused as to why wearing a mask has to be told. After all, it’s just common courtesy in conjunction with life saving aspects. But instead of hope, masks are being turned into a symbol of open defiance and opposition to wearing them, doused in statesmanship.

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More COVID-19 Resources Conquer Testing Times
More COVID-19 Resources Conquer Testing Times

by Pamela Williams April 01, 2020

As this lesson continues to test us, I’ve put together more information to help in our fight to keep moving forward through this unprecedented time. In particular, health benefits and job opportunities. If you need these services below, you’ll find some handy links for your support.

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