You’re not perfect. Get over it.

December 05, 2019

You’re not perfect. Get over it.

A lazy Sunday morning summoned this title from my husband. An imperfect moment between our queen-sized sheets, we engaged in a deep conversation over the world and perfection. As the wind howled outside swaying our peeked roof, we discussed the effect of perfection in today’s world. Perfection is everywhere. Saturated throughout our zeitgeist, every turn presents an image of perfection. Flawless skin, flawless hair, flawless figures, and flawless images. It’s easy to see how easily people can be influenced. No wonder there’s a collective sigh of like-minds emitting black clouds of emotions in desperation. People are frustrated. And that’s because we’re growing up with unrealistic expectations coveting and striving for someone else's life. I worry for the next generation.  

Although I am concerned it’s in abeyance because of the shift happening. People, including me, sense it’s not okay for people to be judged for being themselves, nor should we be nasty to each other. We all carry opinions, but in younger years I remember the notion being if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it.

Living a creative life has allowed me to tackle the perfection conundrum through my art. Not everyone can generate income through art, so I feel blessed to be in this position, but I still experience multiple challenges associated with growing a business.

My bags represent tangible objects in tandem with a beautiful message. If we see the world as imperfect, many problems will dissolve, including scarcity. However, that’s for another blog post.
Trust me. I’ve had struggles with embracing imperfection, my mind responds to set routines, executed right with a little sway. But. Art helped me shift my perspective.  

In the windowless basement of our old house, amongst collected boxes the notion of what would become the Noveled philosophy was born. I struggled to cut leather patterns perfect for a clutch design. The rotary cutter refused my straight cut advances as did my hands. Frustration built. Until I said, “F@$* I’m not a machine, I can’t cut straight!” In that moment. Knuckles to chin, I began to see the leather. Through a pierced gaze, I steered down the leather in a dual. The asymmetrical edges jumped, and I tested the notion; the pictured clutch resulted, and the journey continues to gather momentum. 

My philosophy originated by an accident, a beautiful mistake. The message came, and I acted to create art for the world. You see, nothing is a mistake. Nothing. Mistakes are gifts sent to teach us — it's how we learn best. Flaws teach us and our scars represent a lesson and how we overcame. This is the inspiration behind the peek-a-boo design in my art.
To address this conundrum of the way society views perfection is my purpose. Actions speak loudest and by living the talk, it will help people awaken to their potential. 

Society’s interpretation of imperfection holds us back from kindness. Living in a world that views perfection as a deity puts unrealistic pressure on ourselves and causes inflicted pain. It’s easy to become jealous if we fixate on another person's life. We’re best served tending to our own garden rather than wondering what’s happening next door, because the moment wonder drifts to the neighbors rose bush, problems arise. Wanting, needing, coveting that rose bush until jealousy hooks. Hates festers. 

Social media is the classic for misinterpretation. As a business, my platform has to look professional but I ensure it’s different and imperfect to what’s out there, because the message of beautiful imperfection is important.

Embracing imperfection will help us move forward in a genuine world. This isn’t the realm for perfection there’s a better way because innate intuition screams, “this doesn’t seem right.” This doesn’t seem right, to take selfies while driving. This doesn’t seem right, at the Grand Canyon, 4,000 feet to earths summit watching people dice with death performing handstands to get that shot; capable of providing a dopamine boast through engaged likes. This doesn’t seem right, to say something nasty without accountability to a stranger living their truth.

If we and I mean major companies too, reward people with instant gratification and wealth for acting without substance its inevitable people will fast track success, rather than navigate the spring that feeds the river. When we can receive adulation for posting an image or video that resonates and has the potential to bring riches no wonder people strive for material gain. 

That’s why I decided to only post images and words that will uplift. Before, coveting perfection was the norm, but as I gained confidence, and worked through trauma, the opaque view cleared. Anything is possible. Thought manifests. 

I have instances where I want things done a certain way, but don’t get stuck in a perfectionist loop. There’re things I’m not good at that I accept.

Each soul has its journey and will arrive at the destination in time. Souls experiencing life.  

Sadly, for all the striving, we’ll never be perfect as hard as we try, so why not change our thought process? We’re in such a unique position to lead the charge, in time the world will follow. Where words plant a seed, actions change — positive actions equals growth. 

It takes discipline and belief to avoid negative thinking. My beacon is Spirit and Spirituality. This isn't the realm of perfection, so carrying this notion frees me from wanting any part of material attachment. Through this entrepreneurial journey, I've evolved and believe that I am a work in progress. We all are. We cannot be perfect as much as we try. And although my personality is always to strive for the best, the need to be perfect vanished long ago. This has freed me and I’m sure will free you. You don’t have to adopt this philosophy as we all have choices, but if you’d like to entertain the notion, my full support is yours!

We don’t need to be perfect. We’re a work in progress experiencing life. We have the power and the power lies in our thoughts. We’re not perfect so let’s get over it.

Pamela Williams
Founder + Artist + Maker

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