What Masks Say About Humanity

July 31, 2020

Pamela B Williams Bestselling Author, Artist and Wellness Advocate

June 23rd, 2020 I awoke restless in night’s stillness, the tick-tock of the clock company. The monotone buzz sound from the fan danced in tandem with wayward thoughts. Why am I so restless? The next night during the same experience staring up at the ceiling while my husband’s relaxed sleep cadence couldn’t settle me, I knew this restlessness meant something. The third night, before bed, I penned an open letter to the Universe — below — and slept with ease. When I awoke the morning of June 25th with a loud thought about my letter, first thing, I sensed it wasn’t to the Universe but is really for humanity. I want to share for whoever’s meant to receive.

I guess I’m just confused as to why wearing a mask has to be told. After all, it’s just common courtesy in conjunction with life saving aspects. But instead of hope, masks are being turned into a symbol of open defiance and opposition to wearing them, doused in statesmanship.

This mask situation is the Universe illuminating another issue — we’ve lost it. If we strip away wear them, don’t wear them drama, the symbol of the mask to me is we’ve lost common courtesy.

My son and I ran an errand the day before Father’s Day and as we approached the store wearing our masks a couple appeared maskless. Her sandy-blonde long-locks flowed with a sudden gust, while the stocky man stared with Fire. As the stuffy sun entered a cloud, I read his energy which said, “idiot.” Undeterred, I held my gaze. It made him so uncomfortable he broke it to stare backwards and I thought who’s one now. The sun loomed resplendent from behind in tandem with my notion I know one thing I’m not afraid.

Masks don’t guarantee we won’t get sick. But if we choose not to take percussions, get sick, make others’ sick then expect help from medical personnel after self-serving choices, not willing to save humanity; still free to use a ventilator which could serve someone who was/is thinking of others,’ illuminates issues. Choosing not to take percussions shows something is wrong. But what’s right is people helping because we’re in this together.

Everyone is within their rights to choose, that’s the beauty of freedoms, I’m not saying do or don’t, just illuminating what I’m seeing and sensing on a Spiritual level. When choices affect humanity and people choose against the greater good, it shows for the love of one as opposed to the love of all.

In our household we choose to wear them. Maybe not on a lonesome walk, but to the grocery store or essential errands — yes. Because at the store we’re more likely to be near people. We care about people, us, and humanity — for the greater good. And I believe deep down we all care on some level, we just have to remember we do.

Your choice doesn’t say everything about you, but it says a lot.

Masks prove we’re connected — this notion a Universe Law and antidote to unrest — because what affects one affects us all. Masks show us humanities problem. We’ve lost common courtesy. Masks show one’s character.

So who are you?

Pamela B. Williams
Bestselling Author + Artist + Wellness Advocate

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