The Toll of Social Media and How We Fight Back - There Is Enough

January 30, 2020

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The nastiness of social media sent me crashing into the arms of blogging. Serendipity via a blog post landed me here; home. From behind a self-imposed exile the comfort blogging offers is a birdseye view in tandem with wings soaring high into the sunset - a chance to speak and nourish without being doused in tomato splatter.

Here in Kansas City across the different forums manifests competition in earnest as the next seeks to gain a following. It saddens me. Not because people are copying but because people are doing so without belief that they can make a difference with their own brilliance and unique minds. Look at me—look at me makes it difficult to inform people about the positive inspiration inside. The scarcity mentally festers interwoven throughout the world.

Social media is a gift but has become a burden through a reckless disregard for basic human principals. I grew up with the notion just because one has an opinion doesn't mean we should share; a notion born if the intended words are swords.

I hear from the masses a resounded cry from all corners blended with my own notions the egocentric posts cause fatigue; it is a thing. As sure as the day which follows the night, there has to be a better way.

There is enough — to absorb this notion, banishes the need to look at me, whispering unkind antagonism for attention or dangerous comparisons, because there is enough means I’m satisfied. And there really is enough. A moment of stillness sheds light on momentary struggles. They pass like the storm sweeps.

In ten years, much has changed. Look at me was once me and on reflection I needed a self-esteem boost the likes provided by a dopamine shot whether the action was clear. In this chapter I post little, and should post more given the current zeitgeist demands for marketing but when I do it’s with intent to inspire with a message of hope as opposed to “look at me.” Growth has illuminated a different picture so no judgment for those still in this phase. Life is about evolving — I’ve certainly been there.

Being grateful for our many blessings is golden. The little things. Thoughtfulness, kindness, positivity and saving time for people that matter. Don’t waste time.

Envy is the emotion that jump-starts change. The “I can too” attitude. All very natural.

Jealousy is truly such a useless emotion. It calcifies the heart therefore causing pain inward and outward. Nothing good comes except signs the host has much internal work to do. Allow them time and space to grow, in tandem with you. Cut.

Life is experience, change, and growth. People who truly care won’t try to hold you back afraid of being left behind. Cut.

A small change can be posting to inspire others and uplift as opposed to “look at me.” It’s the thought behind the thought. The Universe delivers the Law of Attraction.

Comparison is dangerous. People who are thriving experience sorrow. We wear it differently, that’s all.

There is enough — my mantra for 2020 in tandem with Beautiful Imperfection.

The Time Is Now (great book by the way) to let negativity go. Cut.

Don’t allow fear and its child, scarcity to hold you back, keep moving forward.

Happiness. It comes from within. The Universe splashes what matters most in our faces each day. Fatigue blinds. High profile unfastens. My heart and condolences go out to everyone affected by the recent Kobe tragedy. All tragedies. Through the sadness a lesson for us all is to quash petty quarrels, say a kind word or if unattainable say nothing. Not every opinion needs an escape into the ether if not to hoist the host. 

The toll of social media can seem overwhelming, but this is how we fight back. Because — There Is Enough. 

Pamela Williams

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