More COVID-19 Resources Conquer Testing Times

April 01, 2020

More COVID-19 Resources Conquer Testing Times

As this lesson continues to test us, I’ve put together more information to help in our fight to keep moving forward through this unprecedented time. In particular, health benefits and job opportunities. If you need these services below, you’ll find some handy links for your support.

I pray for your safety and well-being, and for our loved ones, the only way we can beat this test is together.

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In our fight against COVID-19, we’re already taking them in this household!

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How do we know it’s more than a cold?
I received this information and wanted to share. Please note, everybody reacts differently and you know your body better than anyone. If something isn’t right, seek medical help immediately.
1. Dry cough + sneeze = air pollution.
2. Cough + mucus + sneeze + runny nose = common cold.
3. Cough + mucus + sneeze + runny nose + body ache + weakness + light fever = Flu.
4. Dry Cough + sneeze + body pain + weakness + high fever + difficulty breathing = COVID-19. 

Remember, things happen for a reason and challenges bring lessons. Although the current zeitgeist isn’t what we want, we can use this time to grow and be grateful for the things that matter. We have more family time, more time to find a creative talent, more time to dream and plan towards it, and more time to show humanity matters. Small acts of kindness a free and There Is Enough. 

Things happen for a reason. Please be safe and email me if you need help. We’re in this together.

Best regards,

Pamela Williams
Artist + Maker

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