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August 12, 2019

Custom leather bags in Kansas City, Noveled Leather, Pamela Williams

Subscribing to fashion blogs today is a sure bet we are going to be bombarded with images of perfection. Like pictures of natures natural flowering perfection, unflawed pictures of golden semi-curled locks effortlessly dangling, clothes steamed pressed straight off the runway, chocolate and vanilla skin shimmering in the sunlight with the backdrop of some historic downtown milieu flood our screens. Catwalk worthy skyscraper heels and flawless makeup leap from the perfectly photoshopped images.

No wonder people covet, and it's easy to covet when we have a poor sense of self. We Live Our Best Lives When We Live As We Feel.

Welcome to my new blog, The Noveled Woman. I write to use my voice as a tool of inspiration and sound for the silent. This blog is a platform to provide solutions to problems. Encouraging us to come to the table for a discussion shining a light on the problematic topics people would rather shy away. Hot topics such as empowering women, human rights, community, common courtesy, court injustices, and injustices by-in-large are on the menu. I plan to create an inspiring, uplifting group for thought-provoking discussion leading to problem-solving solutions. No male bashing -women as a team can move mountains. My posts will contain inspiring stories from Noveled Women, a woman comfortable being different and sharing her story of survival for the greater good. 

I'm inviting you to connect with my words, encouraging you to communicate with your soul style as opposed to anyone else. I won't be giving you advice on the latest tips and tricks. I'll be encouraging you to own the style that's individual to you through inspiration, encouragement, and notions. And if you're not sure about what your style is, let my words act as a lighthouse. Fashion can be individual or the same if it resonates with you and helps you to express who you are without restriction; that's all that matters.

Naturally, some people have wondering notions, so there will always be judgement. The best we can do is live a life that matters. Living as we feel, unique, and authentic to us. We must use our unique flavors to help others. 

"What halts you from stepping out of the box?"

It's easy to ensconce in comfort, but I feel a duty to use my talents for the greater good, and I encourage you to continue your path towards being a flicker illuminating this gelid world. Everybody has an ability, even you. Cooking, listening, cleaning, drawing, painting, driving, making people feel good are a few to name. The slightly shimmering candle burning in the darkness illuminates around the orb, offering guidance and threatening to light the room. We can do that, and stifle gun violence, genocide, starvation, corruption, and greed. It's starting small in the communities filtering out to the world, that's the goal of Noveled Leather to leave an imprint so prominent in this world communities will spring from its nurturing soil in abundance.
To help those who need help in their homes to ensure any adverse history isn't repeated for generations to come.

The ride of Freedom Shoe (FS) was exhilarating. Appearances on BetterKC, Fox 4 and KCTC Live, will forever hold a special place in my heart, (as well as the nail-biting nerves of being on that platform), but pivoting and writing is a new and exciting adventure I'm ready to undertake. 

During the brainstorming process of my rebrand, the things close to my heart played an important part. As a writer and artist entrenched in the positive vibes of number 7, which has also played an essential role in my life, a new chapter unfolded in plain sight. The notion of telling stories through art is part of the inspiration for the name change, and the slogan, Noveled Leather | every bag tells a story. Noveled and Leather both have seven letters as do the words Noveled Leather | every bag tells a story. A sign to me, of the stamp of Spirit and all things positive.

It's been a long and arduous journey filled with exciting ups and lesson-learning downs, but I'm thankful to be here, excited to bring you my new vision for the future, and unique artistic handbags that tell a story — celebrating your individualism and story of survival.

The philosophy of Noveled Leather is to be different and embrace imperfection. We shouldn't be judged on the outside, rather the inside. My designs show this by using flawed hide to illuminate beautiful art. Celebrating the scars and blemishes that connect us through art, encourages us to live as we feel, free of the judgment that comes with holding a shield of protection around us. 

Currently, fashion portrays beautiful perfection, which is impossible in this realm, and Noveled Leather says we are elegant without being perfect. My artistry represents your story, your survival, your beautiful flaws, you, one-of-a-kind handbags embracing our unique style.

My values align with Noveled Leather, to be the helper, to be creative, and to be positive, with the notion RUBBO, Raw, Unique, Bold, Beautiful, and Organic. My art is raw, using genuine unfinished leather and emphasizing raw edges. My bags are never replicated given the imperfections of the leather and are all one-of-a-kind, they are eye-catching and different, visually stunning with a lenitive aroma of a new car. I reuse and recycle the leather to incorporate into different designs while using imperfect pieces other designers might through away. 

I've grown and developed into a designer embracing her art. My early work was a work in progress, who here can honestly say they haven't learned from mistakes? But I've taken those mistakes and made them into perfect flaws in functional quality handbags. Life is growth. As stated in a previous email, if there are any handbags out there needing repair, please contact me so that I can take care of that for you for free. 

As a designer, I love creating handbags that are not only functional but express your authentic personality. My belief is, we shouldn't be pressured into being perfect, we should be encouraged to be ourselves. We live our best lives when we live as we feel, makeup no makeup, hair blonde or black, braids or straight, curly, long, short, on or off. Feminine or masculine, as long we are kind helpers with a loving heart, that's what matters. 

The process of choosing leather is every bit a part of the story., helping to share your story of survival and match your unique and beautiful personality. Hand-picked in Missouri they come from as far away as the East and West Coast even Europe. The materials I use once lived, and Noveled Leather continues to tell their story, making sure they live on through our creations by evolving their memories while blending with ours.

I name my collections after inspiring women, places, and words honoring their stories. Custom orders are a real joy, especially when I'm able to create and incorporate sentimental pieces of clothing from a customers story. 

I thank Spirit for my customers because, without you, I wouldn't be able to make a living as an artist able to positively influence the world with my creations. I know times can be difficult, and our message of beautiful imperfection must become far-reaching, available to everyone. Our new rewards program is a way for everyone to have a chance to honor their story. It is also very much a thank you for the support. A simple way to ensure you get something in return in addition to your beautiful creation. By creating an account, you get 75 points, along the way you earn points through purchases, and by sharing content to redeem for savings, and gifts in the form of a complimentary dining or spa experience. 

I'm living as I feel, an independent woman using her creative talents to shine a positive light onto the world and help heal others' encouraging them to shine their bright lights — my definition of a Noveled woman. I'm excited to open this new chapter together. Let's empower women to express themselves as they feel, embrace their creative talents, use their powerful voices, and live their best life celebrating their individualism, and inspiring others. 

As I said previously, my end goal is to have created such an imprint, that new communities spring from Noveled's mark, for the fashion industry to see fashion as true artistry, and a place where people can express themselves without images of perfection as was intended with its initial inception. Perfection is the wrong message; rather living by beautiful imperfection is perfect for our minds, body, and soul.


Pamela Williams
Founder + Maker

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