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September 02, 2019

Leather care for purses and leather handbags Noveled Leather

Leather has been used for thousands of years by different tribes and people. It is timeless, durable, resistant, and rarely tears developing character as it ages.

With proper care, leather can last a lifetime. Here is a simple guide to help you care for your unique, timeless investment and enjoy for years to come.

General Instructions

Avoid prolonged sun exposure

Store in the provided mailer box, never use non-breathable material like vinyl, plastic, or PVC

Avoid cleaners made from mineral oils, waxes, petroleum, silicones

Do not leave your bag in a damp basement. If damaged dry naturally and always seek a cleaner who specializes in professional leather care. 


Caring for Noveled Leather Bags

Noveled Leather bags are unique, fashionable, and made to last. Your favorite accessory will be your exclusive companion for many years to come if they are well cared for. Here are a few instructions to help you ensure your limited edition bag will be around for as long as you.

How to store a leather bag

To help retain its shape stuff your bag with bubble wrap and tissue paper. Avoid newspaper as the ink with bleed into the lining wall. The mailer box your bag arrived in is also a storage box. Place your bag in the mailer and store in a cool, dry place.

If you no longer have a box, you can use a pillowcase or another breathable woven bag for storage. Avoid plastic or vinyl bags, as they do not allow air to circulate and will dry out the leather's natural oils.

How to clean a leather bag

Once a week, use a soft cloth to sweep over the leather to help maintain appearance.

To remove dirt build-up wipe your bag down with a cleaner made specifically for your leather grade. Try to avoid cleaning the hardware to ensure the antique and copper finishes remain untarnished. 

To achieve the imperfect look, much of the leather we use is full-grain leather, which is unfinished. In lighter colors, this leather may be susceptible to transfer from denim. Transfer is more likely to happen with prolonged rubbing. We apply a natural sheen spray to reduce the possibility of transfer.

Depending on the type of bag, material, and color care suggestion may be different. For specific recommendations on leather-cleaning products and moisturizers, please contact or message our friendly customer service. 

How to dry & condition a leather bag

Although durable, leather is permeable and can never be entirely waterproof. The best way to achieve full water-resistance is to avoid toting your favorite bag in bad weather.

If water does spill onto your leather bag, use a soft towel to dab the moist spot gently, and allow it to dry naturally. To avoid discoloration, keep prolonged direct sunlight in abeyance. Do not dry using any direct heat sources; for example, a hairdryer will ruin the leather, causing it to crinkle and dry.

To prevent wrinkling, condition your leather bag every few months with a special moisturizing leather conditioner or mink oil. Never apply without testing locally in a less noticeable spot. After testing, apply a dime-size amount to a soft cloth and rub in a circular motion gently. Leave on for 10 minutes, then wipe away any excess. Leave to dry thoroughly in an airy room overnight.

Pamela Williams
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